Several Phindows issues are RESOLVED by v 3.19

I had several issues that I had reported here (and to QSSL).

  1. Pterm title bars were quantized even though I was running on a 24 bit display.

  2. Scroll wheel didn’t work.

  3. Text cursor in the IDE would destroy the text on the current line if you moved forward or back, and was white.

All of these problems are resolved by version 3.19 of Phindows, I am glad to report.

Also it seems that anti-aliased fonts work right now.

There seem to be some performance improvements as well - especialy when scrolling to the top/bottom of helpviewer pages (used to go crazy with cached images I think).

Everything seems more responsive.

The IDE is very usable over phindows now.

Overall this is a fantastic update to Phindows. Congratulations QSSL.

And where did you get that upgrade? Thanks for mentionning. I will have to retract that comment I made about Phindows being left behind ;-)

Yes, how did you get this update? Is it on myQNX?

I looked on myQNX and it’s not there. I also check in the beta of SP3 and it’s now there either The lastest release version seems to be 2.20, 3.19 is quite a jump…

Ok 3.19 is consider an experimental version and not for public release, nor is it part of any betas (not on myQNX)

I got it from the person that I was reporting the bugs to at QNX. I was not explicitly told that it was not for release but I assume as much and consider it a favor that I was allowed to work with the version that fixes my issues. I’m still using an eval license and the fixes to Phindows allow me to demo the product more freely to our engineers.

I know I had complained on this forum about Phindows and the IDE being unusable, so I was glad to have the opportunity to correct my complaint.

To get the software, I guess the std line is “contact your qnx rep”. If you have specific issues using Phindows that this version addresses I bet they will let you “beta test” it (though I think it’s more like alpha at this point).

In any case, good things are coming for Phindows. I’m using the IDE with it and it is much better.

I have been playing with Eclipse on Windows, but not the version that comes with QNX, the one available on

The version that is part of QNX is Eclipse 3.0.1 with CDT 2.1.1. The version available is on Eclipse site is 3.2.1 with CDT 3.1.1. The difference for me is going from totally unusable (CDT 2.1.1) to very usable (CDT). Autocomplete works pretty good, the C++ indexer has very decent speed. New feature like refactoring are supported, more plug-in are available ( for ex vedit user the multi-clip board plug-in is a very nice addition).

The latest version are also available in 64 bit for XP and Linux (I’m told the JVM machine under Linux has better performance). I’m currently using XP64. Of course I use loose the abiilty to debug and compile locally ( no gcc ). What I end up doing is have the file site on the QNX box and access then via Samba from Windows. Then I run make from phindows. Or if you are ready to fiddle a bit you could compile remotely by using rsh …

This setup works for QNX4 and QNX6.