QNX Install hang pci-bios

I am trying to install QNX 6.3 to an Advantech 9584 motherboard and the install hangs at pci-bios. Linux and windows install fine. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered such an error or know what might be causing it.

The some basic parts of the motherboard are as follows

Processor - Pentium M
Northbridge - 915GM
Southbridge - ICH6



3 quick things to check:

  1. Make sure plug-n-play O/S is disabled in the BIOS.

  2. If this machine has a SATA HD, you need to go into the Bios and turn on legacy mode so that the SATA drive is treated as an IDE one because QNX does not support SATA drives yet. (likely this is your problem)

  3. If that doesn’t work then you should attempt to disable DMA mode when the O/S starts booting to install QNX (this assumes you get far enough along to see the booting information displayed). I believe it’s the ‘D’ key you need to press to disable DMA mode.