Copy files from QNX to Win2K fs


this is basic, and I just can’t remember how (it’s been a while), but I want to copy some files from my QNX fs to a Win2k fs. I have one hard drive with two partitions: one for Win2K and the other for QNX 6.2.

I can’t remember how to mount a filesystem into QNX such that I can access the files on the Win2K system.

Thanks for the help.

If it’s at FAT filesystem you can use mount -t dos … If the partition is NTFS you are out of luck.

Yes, unfortunately I believe it is formatted with NTFS. If it were FAT, what would the exact command be? something like ‘mount -t dos /dev/hd1 /fs/win2k’ where hd1 would be my ntfs formatted drive, and win2k would be the folder i use to access it?

Since this won’t be possible, I’m thinking of creating a network with my WinXp laptop. Can i directly connect a network cable between the QNX machine and the laptop? If so, what next, i’m really beginner when it comes to creating networks.

Thanks again.

To connect two cpus with a single cable, you need a specially wired cable. These cables are necessary for connecting two hubs/switches so they are commercially available. This direct arrangement is not recommended and it is better to have a small hub in between.

There are a number of ways to get the data across, but let me suggest a very simple one.
Set up TCP/IP on the QNX machine, and use ftp to read and write files from the XP system.
You can set up NFS, and this is described in the QNX documentation, but it is a little more involved. Finally, if you just want to move data from XP to QNX, you could burn a CD on XP and read it on QNX.