how to make .bin file for PowerPC

Hi guys
Iam some how newbie for programming in QNX. and Iam working on a project now that requires from me :

i have a new flash and I want to start an OS image or download a .bin file to this flash so that after I can FTP the rest of the files.

my question here : how do i make this bin file now when i build the project i can only FTP the change to already build image on the flash.

how can I make the flash starts just as basic using the JTAG to program the flash. what commands I need to convert those files found in the o-be folder to .bin format so that I can write them to the flash.

by the way iam using freescale PowerPC8250.

can anybody help me with this problem


hi ,

what is the boot loader your board is having,what all you have requested for is attained by bootloader,I have used uboot & redboot for linux based systems.
Boot should support tftp,flash write& read…
You use tftp to load executable file from your host to powerpc’s ram & from there you can save it flash