more trouble & what happened to cdm's qwiki?

QWiki gone! And I need it!
I remember reading something there about installing qnx in an extended partition… I cannot find that information anywhere else on the 'net.

BTW it is not the same computer with the mouse trouble on wich I want to install qnx in an extended partition. I was trying to run qnx on that old box because I didn’t want to take risks with the newer - I need it. On the newer computer the only free partition is an extended / logical / whatever it is called in english.

Maybe there is a different solution to the problem I’m trying to fix by installing qnx to its own partition. The problem: I had 6.2.0 nc as a file in fat32. Then I upgraded to 6.2.1 . Now win98 runs scandisk every time I boot it after running qnx :cry: .
6.2.1 doesn’t seem to have the option to install to a file, like 6.2.0 had. I am not surprised that upgrading a 6.2.0-in-a-file to 6.2.1 causes trouble.

Please help this poor newbie.

sorry for posting this in “cafe” instead of “help” - I only wanted to ask what happened to qwiki and ended up asking for help…

cdm “upgraded” his machine from *BSD to QNX6.21 and the qwiki is a php application. We all know that apache/php doesn’t work well on QNX 6.21, so …
Another reason is he lost his hard drive. Or that’s the excuse he gave me last time I asked. He said he would copy it from a backup and since the backup is very old, we may only get a partial content of qwiki. Unfortunately, he hasn’t even got around to have time to do that.

Actually, it is python based. :wink: