Are there significant differences between 4.24 and 4.25?

I have inherited the code for a vme driver that functions properly on 4.24. I’m having trouble with it under 4.25 and it could be either the hardware it’s running on or the OS has changed in some subtle way from 4.24 to 4.25 that may affect drivers which are trying to access memory-mapped IO (vmebus in my case). Does anyone recall if this was the case?


I remember there was an issue with stack size, but it’s vague.

Everytime I had problem going from 4.24 to 4.25 was because my program was broken in the first place by managed to worked. For example in QNX4.24 , i think that you could get away with calling Trigger() in an ISR, but that would killed 4.25.

I think it is worth noting, that 4.25 is really a number of versions. I think the latest is H. The point is that it is a long way from any 4.24 version to 4.25H, and a complete list of all the changes might not be very useful. You will probably have to track the problem down the hard way, that is if you must convert.

There is probably 10 years between 4.24 and the latest 4.25 ;-)

I am also facing a similar kind of problem while testing a cPci driver. The driver is working fine in qnx 4.24 but while running in qnx 4.25 it is giving error.

is there any major difference between these two versions in terms of memory space configuration ?

what is the command for running pci server in qnx 4.25 ?

I don’t think there was a pci server for QNX 4.25. You had to depend on the BIOS to set up the hardware properly.