Rational ClearCase - Support for QNX 4?

I would like to find out if there is a way to use QNX 4.25 and Rational ClearCase for version control.

Is this possible?

Are there any tips available?

Yes and no. There is no binaries available for QNX4. But with some imagination, rsh, nfs, samba etc, it’s possible. Or if you are willing to live with doing all operations from windows then I guess yes.

Just wanted to let folks know that ClearCase and QNX4 are working thanks to samba. We can create snapshot views from windows PC on the QNX4 server. We can also check out/in files in the view using windows pc.

Builds must be done from QNX4.

Thanks for the tip!

Not if you can get Watcom 10.6 for Windows.

And there is also zinformatic.blogspot.com