shelf plug-in


i want to develop a little shelf plug-in (for the taskbar) which shows only a round LED. At runtime i would like to change the color of the plug-in.

I can’t find anything about shelf plug-in’s in the online help.

Is it possible ?

I am newbie at Photon programming.

Thank you very much for your help !

Best regards


No, there are no offical, public docs on doing a shelf plugin. :frowning:

I know that this topic is very old, and fiffi probably isn’t even interessted in writing a QNX shelf plugin anymore.
However I think this is a very interesting topic for everone using QNX as a Desktop, so here is what I found today:

there is a Plugin showing the free diskspace for harddisks, it is availabe as .so and (!!) source, so everyone interested in in writing plugins can have a look at the code…

You can find it at: