Driver for D-Link DUB-C2


Seems that my USB 2 D-Link DUB-C2 card is not supported in qnx 4.25.

Use pin and I get memory for type and no address or irq.

Can anyone help? Need to use this card to on an old machine that only has pcmcia slots to copy the HD.


Make sure the BIOS is set to works as PC-CARD and NOT PCMCIA.

Make sure you have the latest PC-CARD driver: “pccard” as opposed to the older Pcmcia.generic stuff.

This bios is 4.51.pgm and does not have a PC-card /PCMCIA setting, but I will get the new driver and try it out.


could not find “pccard” on my system, is this a driver for QNX4 or update?
My ATA flash works fine in the PCMCIA slot at address 0x320 irq 7
Also Pcmcia.generic run on address 0x3e0
Any other ideas?


I don’t know if it comes with the latest QNX4 update of if it is a separated patch.

You might try to make a custom config file, don’t remember how that’s done though. check the online doc.


I tried to get a D-Link DUB-C2 card working and was not able to get it sorted out. This card uses a VIA chipset that is close to but not the same as the VIA chipset listed in the QNX 6 supported hardware list (the assumption being that for USB support, V6 ~= V4).

My end solution was switch to an NEC based USB card - this one plugged in and operated correctly from the start.


I had figured that if I get no info from pin, then the card was not going to work unless there was a special driver for it.

Thanks for the info, I will get a NEC based card and give it a try.