Why normal user can't login photon, but the roon can?

Recently I upgrade my QNX to v6.3.2. Now besides the root, the user can’t login the photon.
I try to ssh to this workstation. I can login with a normal user account. So i guess something is wrong on the photon configuration. Any help?


I login as root, and touch the file /etc/system/config/nophoton. After restart the workstation, i login as a normal user, run the command: ph and get the following message:
“Can’t find the photon directory $PHOTON_PATH, MAke sure you’re fs-pkg”

I open the script ‘ph’, and find the code:

if test -z "$SYSNAME"; then case $(uname -sr) in procnto*|QNX\ [0123456789]*) export SYSNAME=nto;; QNX\ *) export SYSNAME=qnx4;; esac fi

Then I comment all above codes, and use one line code " export SYSNAME=nto"

Keep ‘nophoton’, Run ph command again as the user root and normal user, get the same message:

“Unable to start windowing kernel. Please check the installation instructions for more information.”

Romove ‘nophoton’, login as root, ok; login as a normal user, I get a black screen.

I don’t know what’s going on. Anyone can help?

What a wonderful QNX SP2!!


What a wonderful SP2 ?! Above you said you installed the 6.3.2 upgrade!