How to set mouse X,Y position that make mouse to move to ??

In photon, How to set the mouse position by myself, then move it ,and click it. Because I want to click some button by programming!!

Thanks a lot!!

You would have to write a pseudo mouse driver that would emit the correct events. This could be a little dicy as you would have to give the mouse absolute coordinates. That means you would have to know the exact layout of the photon application, whose buttons you want to push, as well as the location of the program.

Thank you for your answer, and I have found a function “PhEmit” , maybe it can do this action what I want, but it’s hard to use… I must try it!! thank you!!

There are functions for moving and for getting MousePosition. the Button it self you could actually us PhEmit or just send a "BUTT_PRESS"Callback to your Widget.

PhMoveCursor or something like that

Thank you for your answer!!
I have wrote some code for test PhEmit. It have:
button 1 at (20,20), button 2 at anywhere
I want to click button 2 that make button 1 be click.
but when I click button 2 , the program is dead !!!
Would you help me to find the answer?? thanks!!