Problem Building Momentics Platform Core Source Kit 1.0.0

Hi all, I’m having problems building the source kit, and wonder if anyone else has come across this problem.
I’m using Momentics 6.3.0 SP2 under Windows XP.

building the code with
make CPULIST=ppc -k

(-k specified to ignore some of the noted build errors )
every thing proceeds as expected ( hinstall, install ) but as soon as the compiliation stage occurs, I start to get lots of errors as shown below.

Has anyone else seen this, or know how to approach solving it?


In file included from C:/QNX630/src/lib/c/public/sys/iomsg.h:48,
from C:/QNX630/src/lib/c/qnx/_mknod_extra.c:19:
C:/QNX630/target/qnx6/usr/include/sys/neutrino.h:132: `__NGROUPS_MAX’ undeclared
here (not in a function)
cc: C:/QNX630/host/win32/x86/usr/lib/gcc-lib/ntoppc/2.95.3/cc1 caught signal 33
make.exe[6]: *** [_mknod_extra.o] Error 1
In file included from C:/QNX630/src/lib/c/qnx/devctl.c:20:

Very few people around here have the core source kit. Since you or your organisation must have spend a good amount of money on this, I suggest you get help from QNX directly and get your money’s worth.

I suspected that might be the case, but thought I’d try the community first anyway. I’m new round here and wanted to test the waters!

The active community is probably made up of 10 people ;-)