Installing unsupported hardware

Is it possibale to install unsupported hardware and get it to work by some config work, or it just will not work no matter what?

namly I have 3 network cars d-link G650,FA511,FA510 and a d-link DUB-C2 usb 2.0 pcmcia cards, none of these cards will show anything when I use pin. Only card I have working is my Sandisk Flash Card.

Running qnx 4.25 patch E with all the other updates.


Are you using pc-card or Pcmcia.generic

My machine only has Pcmcia.generic driver. I start it like this “Pcmcia.generic -a3e0” and seems to load fine.

pc-card, where do I get this file / driver


different advice of someone who wasted a lot of time on this :

check the “supported hardware” list and paste the required items into eBay’s search box.
rather sooner than later a supported pcmcia card will show up, very often for a price of $3 or even less - this is because it’s only 10MB nics, but who cares …

I noticed the 82595 chipset is in the (german) market very often now, maybe you may want to give that a try.

Good luck ! Helge

thanks for the info.