What startup file load devc-ser8250 serial driver ?

to change UART FIFO size in QNX 4.x I have to put line:
Dev.ser -t 14 &

…and what about QNX 6.3.x ?
where to put the line:
devc-ser8250 -T 4 -t 14 &

what startup file (in QNX 6.3.x) load devc-ser8250 serial driver ?

It’s started in the image I think.

QNX6.X is auto setup serial driver.

If You want to change devc-ser8250 when startup , put below command in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit


usage is “use stty”

what should I put ?



and where?
/in the end of rc.sysinit ?

…and apropos stty:
it can setup baudrate, handshaking, etc…
but it CANNOT change UART FIFO settings!

wherever you want to put it in “rc.sysinit”
but don’t put it between if and fi.
If you want to change UART FIFO settings, use this command “devc-ser8250” :slight_smile:

…but when I devc-ser8250 is already loaded
I can call devc-ser8250 -t 14 and it change FIFO settings ?!

I think that I should do slay devc-ser8250
or change devc-ser8250 line in startup/boot file :slight_smile: