1Gig network card

About 2 years ago someone told me the Intel 1G network card were extremely efficient. At that time I didn`t make much of it.

But last week I need 1Gig network for a QNX6 project. Go myself 1 Intel Pro 1Gig card for 49$ ( CDN). This card is support by QNX4, at 1G.

With QNX4 the difference in CPU usage is INCREDIBLE. With a 100Mbit card when getting a file from a QNX box through FTP, the transfer rate was close to wire speed and CPU usage close to 100%. With the 1Gig card, FTP was transferring at 22Mbytes/seconds ( limited by HD speed) but CPU usage was only 30%. Twice the bandwith and 3 times less CPU, amazing. Note that at that speed more CPU was spend in the filesystem… You don`t need to run at 1Gig to get this, you can use that card with a 100Mbits network and still get the benefit of reduced CPU usage.

This has been confirm with home made programs and not just FTP. I also made sure CPU time spend in the interrupt was taken into account in my measurement.

Needless to say Ive switch to 1Gig everywhere ;-) I also got a 8 port 1G switch for 90$... I dont really care for the increase bandwidth, but the reduce CPU usage is what I care about.

Not bad… was this Net.i82540 or Net.ether82557 / 82595 ? I have also seen some nice link statsitics from FD 100mbit with the 82557 drivers… There is a decent industrial motherboard that has two NICS supporting GLAN i82540 and 82557 which is rather handy also (we had some custom development for QNX4 drivers to tweak them abit to get them working for the motherboard)


Hello, mario

Could you tell me the full name of this network card?
Did you make some measurements/experimnets on qnx6? what were the results?


Intel Pro 1000

ncix.com/products/index.php? … ture=Intel

Didn’t compare it with a 100Mbit card, but the performance i see with the Intel 1Gig card seems to indicate the same benefit as under QNX4.

Mario, will this also be true for 6.3 running devn-i82544.so driver? I am in search of switching the nic card from 100mbit to gigabit, but after reading this post I think I’ll go with intel pro/1000 GT.

I don’t know about 6.3 but I suspect it would show the same benefit.

Is there any contemporary (February 2009) Gigabit Ethernet card (chipset) on the market supported by QNX4? If yes, which make/model exactly and which driver?

Intel Pro 1000 forks for us. Driver is Net.i82540 but we had problem with it and QNX provided us with Net.e1000 which I’m not sure of it official status yet.

Thank you for your reply mario, what is the exact type of Intel Pro 1000 (type number, order number or at least description in words - the card has main chip Intel nr… ) - is it a PCI card? Or are you using also PCIe ones?

Where can I get (even unofficial) Net.e1000 (if it helped to solve your problems)?

Dont have more info on the card. I know that PCI device id has changed a few time on us. We are using both PCI and PCIe. We have also used the dual port model on QNX6 with success ( didnt try it on QNX4).

Check on foundry27 in the QNX4 beta section to see if its there. Youre best bet is probably to contact tech support or sales.

Check out: community.qnx.com/sf/discussion/ … t.topc5326

Thank you very much mario. We will try Net.e1000 on some Intel PRO/1000. And even the Net.bcm57xx sounds new to me. Broadcom NICs are often integrated on many mainboards.

We have one PCI Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter. Main chip on this card is i82541P1 L640SN10.