QNX and PowerPC Mixed-Endianness

Hi QNX Gurus,

I am currently testing a Freescale board (LITE5200B). I downloaded the BSP and sent a QNX image to the board. Everything works great.

I know that the MPC5200 PowerPC processor on that board supports both little and big endian, and can execute in mixed mode (both at the same time, based on a registry).

Is there a little-endian compiler for QNX for the PowerPC?

For instance, if i write/compile a driver in little-endian and a driver in big-endian, can they both run under QNX? From the PPC’s perspective, it is possible, but from QNX?

Thanks a lot,


I looked at the documentation and it seems QNX only support big-endian on PowerPC. On mips and arm they support both ( although I doubt you can mix them).

I believe Mario is correct. If you look at a project in the QNX Momentice IDE, there are folders for each processor specified for the project. In the ppc folder, there are only o-be and o-be-g folders. Also, under qnx630\target\qnx6 there is a ppcbe folder, but no ppcle (as there are ‘be’ and ‘le’ suffixes for mips and arm processors).