Beep sound in QNX6.x

Dear qnx family…

I have a question of beep sound.

In Qnx4.x support sound(), nosound() that pc speaker in beep.

but qnx6.X not support or no library in document qnx migration.

Then…any function not supported beep sound in 6.x?

Or another solution have this problem?

Forgive that my foolish english…

Best Regard.

Thank you.


I got the new method of beep sound.


printf ("%c", 0x07);

But this is too noise to use push button.

Help me, anyone have another method?

You could try changing the frequency of the beep ( look for that information on the WWW, you need to write in the timer register). It could make the sound appear less noisy.

You could put a resistor on the speaker cable to lower the sound. Or you could put a real sound card and get fancy ;-)

Thank you for your reply.
but… i cannot found frequency of beep…OTZ…
I found that Beep(), sound(), but this function not support QNX6.x
And put a resistor…is too hard in my workspace :frowning:

There are indeed no fonction do to it, so you should have search for how to write that fonction yourself…

void soundset ( unsigned frequencyInHz )
unsigned short period;
period = (unsigned short)( 1190000 / frequencyInHz);

out8( 0x43, 0xb6)
out8 ( 0x42, period ); // the low part
out8( 0x42, period >> 8 ); // the high part


Again and again Thank you for your assistance.
I trying to do your advice.
If i will success, put it reply~~ :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody and mario!! I got the success!!