Install questions

Hi people!

I’m a newbie in QNX world, but I have some background in UNIX (specifically Linux) systems.

I’ve installed the QNX momentics 6.2.1A, but I’m a bit confused. That’s only an IDE, so what do I need to run applications in QNX? Do I need to install the operating system, right? I mean, I put the CD and reboot the machine. That’s right… do I need to allocate space in a new partition?

Can u help me please?

As an ampliation, what I need is the following:

We have an embedded computer. I know that I need to change some software for this embedded computer. I’ve installed the Momentics in my laptop. Is this enough? I think that then I need to create a floppy and then my embedded device can boot from it.

Thanks in advance


Your correct that you only installed the IDE development kit.

If you bought Momentic’s you should have gotten several CD’s. One of which is labelled “QNX Neutrino RTOS Host”. This is the CD that contains the actual QNX O/S to run your applications.

As you noted, when you place that CD in your machine you can boot QNX from the CD. You also use that CD to install QNX to a partition on your hard drive.