how to PtRealizeWidget(dialog) in submenu callback ?

hi, everyone!
my qnx is 6.3.0

I want to use PtRealizeWidget(ABW_Dialog_test) to pop up a dialog in a submenu callback. then when I click this submenu ,it can pop a dialog. But It doesn’t. does it need some others? this dialog has been designed in PHAB.

In the other day I let the dialog pop up in the submenu without writing code myself. In dialog there is a PtNumercInteger and a PtLabel. And I want to modify the PtNumercInteger and PtLable by two dynamic variable when dialog pops up . In pre-realize callback ,PtLabel can be modified ,but PtNumercInteger cann’t be modify. I don’t know why . and if I add a button then in button’s callback ,It can modify the PtNumercInteger 's value. Is PtNumercInteger special ? In realize and activate callback I also have a try ,and it doesn’t work.


It might be best to post some code.