Booting non-BIOS x86 (ATLAS STPC)

Okay, I’ve been playing with this for several days, and since I cannot see the kernel code (other than an IDA disassembly of the elf .sym file) I am at a loss. Hopefully, one of you out there has seen this.

The way I boot QNX is to copy the IFS from FLASH to RAM (a firmware bootloader on my board does that). It then hands control to the entry point (startup), which completes the initialization, and finally hands control to the first bootapp (procnto). All of this “seems” to go well, until somewhere in Procnto (and fairly early into it), I get a Shutdown[] message, and nothing else. The full text of the message is:

Shutdown[0,0] S/C/F=11/1/11 C/D=f00140dd/f005138c state(c0)= now lock

I am aware of the meaning (Segment violation, map error, etc.), however, I cannot identify what can be going wrong. If anyone out there has seen this bringing up a non-bios x86, I’d appreciate any input you may have.



Have you customize the startup and all of its callback routine? My first guess is something is wrong in there.