Route via device

I have problems setting up a spesial routing case:

I have one instance of io-net running.

I have to interfaces (en0 & en1), these two interfaces have the same IP address, and the same MAC address.

Now I want to set up a route to go via interface en1, on linux I would use:

route add dev

This is not supported in QNX, is there anyway to do this via the ROUTE API in QNX?



From looking at the route command in the helpviewer docs it appears you can do what you want. It would be something like:

route add -interface <en0/en1>

However I am confused when you say both en0 and en1 have the same IP and MAC address. I didn’t think that was legal.


route add -iface


route add -link en0:

Where is an iface’s ip addr.
Note the trailing colon with the -link variant.



The : # route add -link en0:

What just what I was after, no I only need to find out how to do this
via the ROUTE api :slight_smile:

The reason for having two identical interfaces is for internal routing only, so
only one interface is visible from the outside.

Thanks, Anders

Hi Again,

Just when I though I had something working… :frowning:

I add a route

route add -link en0:

Then I try with a ping:


And get the message:

ping: sendto: no route to host :frowning:

I try another one:

route add -link en0: -iface

Try to ping

Now I get a bit furter, it seems like it tries to ping, but no packet is
sent - it seems like it never comes out of the IP stack. With my own ethernet driver nothing is received in my driver. With a commersial ethernet card - nothing is sent out on the ethernet interface.

Any ideas?