Multi-core support for multiple single-core CPUs


we are building system based on multiple single-core ARM CPUs (ARM926EJ-S). We add our own arbiter the way that all CPUs are tightly coupled, using the same memory and the same IO devices. Actually it makes the system multi-core. Obviously, QNX have no idea that this is multi-core system, since ARM926EJ-S is not recognized by it as multi-core CPU.
The question: how to explain to QNX that our system is multi-core?

Thanks in advance.

If what you are saying is that you have created your own SMP hardware, which you would like the QNX OS to run on in multi-processor mode, then you will probably have to speak with QSSL about it.

Thanks… The main question is who is the right address to talk with? I mean specificallly?

If you have a service contract, you should have a technical rep.