CPU temperature

I need to read value of [color=darkred]CPU temperature on board PCA-6773
manufactured by Advantech.
It is need to checking temperature of processor during the working of application.
Anybody know, where value of CPU temperature is stored and how to read this value?

Contact Advantech.

I’m guessing this is a motherboard? There are two major standards for getting this type of information, ACPI and IPMI. The former is found on desktop pc’s, and the latter more typically on servers. I don’t know of any support for ACPI for QNX. The standard is available on-line. IPMI has some open source available. It is a big monster. I attempted compiling it for QNX 6 at one time with some success. It is also possible that there is a more direct, but proprietary way to get at the information, so I would follow Mario’s advice.

Thank you for information! I will consider it.