Hi QNX users…

I am trying to install QNX 6.3 Momentics Eval.Version under a Windows system.

My HDD has also Linux and BeOS installed, and now I wanna try this good SO.

I run the installation under Windows, and it goes well, no errors and/or problems.
When the installation finishes, it tell me to logout and re-login the system (i supose it is to reboot), but when i return to Windows, nothing occurs. Just Windows is the unique systen I can login. I readed that QNX have to create a second option at the Windows OS selection, but i cant see it.

Someone can help me? Is there anything else I have to do?
I cant install QNX under Linux (or BeOS), because the partiton is too small for the ISO image.

P.D. Sorry for my english. Now i am just downloading QNX 6.2, maybe it works well…

When you say you rn the installation under Windows, it sounds like you are installing the development environment under Windows. Is that so? If it is, then you would have to create a boot image, and install it onto a target system (possibly the same computer) to see QNX running.
If instead you want to be running QNX on this system, you have to install the QNX hosted version.

Ok, I now realize that i have onli installed the devel. runtime and the Eclipse-like IDE.

Thanks for help. :smiley:

Didn’t you read the Quickstart Guide???