Can't get any NWK-support

hello together :slight_smile:

i try to build some qnx 6.2.1 boot-floppy. when i try to configure networking devices it only works with the library.

if i use e.g. for my vmware-target or for another target i earn error messages like this:

"unable to init dll devn-pcnet: No such file or directory"


"unable to init dll devn-speedo: No such file or directory".

my line in buildfile shows like this:

io-net -v -d pcnet -p ttcpip if=en0:,default= &

in fact the required files are on the floppy and in the correct directory. but even if i enter the io-net command manually on shell it asserts the same error message…

only by using the ne2000 driver, configuration finishes without error, but there is no network connection. :frowning:

and i ask you: is there anybody that knows a solution for my problem? i am nearly hopeless at this moment…

thx and greets