OpenQNX6.3.0 on Dual Xeon

Hello. I’m from Poland and sorry about my english.

I’m download QNX from this site
My hardware: 2x Xeon 3.2 on Tyan Tiger
And I have problem. I can’t start Installation. When i boot my QNX CD i see :
HIT ESC for .altboot …
and then very slowly apper dots. on end i see " CPU1 start failure"
I have enable HT but if i turn it off it’s the same. Why the instalation can’t start?

Thanks for All.

I believe you need the SMP Kernel to use a dual processor system. That has to be specially ordered from QNX and is quite costly.

I remember a few months back testing 6.3 on a dual Xeon system we have and I can’t remember if I got it to boot or not. But I did experience the same problems you did.

I’d advise you check the BIOS to see if there is a way to disable the 2nd processor.


I should work even if there are more then one processor. The default kernel should use the first processor. Momentic comes with the SMP kernel that you can use on the development machine.

On my old computer Athlon 1,6 works good
I can disabeld HT but not 2nd processor. I only want to test, see what the QNX is it. If i register on and download QNX Momentics 30-day Eval - QNX Neutrino x86 Host i can install QNX with full support for all processors?

I don’t think your problem is at all processor related. As Mario stated already, the single processor kernel will work just fine by only using the first processor. You can download the 30-day Eval and try out the SMP version, but only if you can get it to boot which I think is what is in doubt.

I still think his message of “CPU1 start failure” is related to not having the SMP kernel which I’d encourage him to download and try.

I suspect the BIOS on the MB is complaining that QNX is not using/initializing the 2nd processor.

I distinctly remember encountering this same issue when trying to run QNX 6.3 on our Dual Xeon machine here at work. I think I got it to work by disabling the 2nd processor in the BIOS (I know I had to disable something in BIOS) because I know I didn’t have the SMP kernel.


While this could be true, it would defy most standards of rational design. A multi-core system should not be required to run a multi-core aware OS. There’s also a chicken and egg question. If the single-core OS won’t boot, how does a multi-core OS boot to where it can initialize (or disable) the 2nd processor?

Tim: To install the SMP kernel you must be able to boot first into the non SMP kernel, so that’s not a possibility.

It’s possible that this motherboard is not compatible with QNX6.

You might try removing the second processor.

Thanks. I download a trial version from QNX Software and installed them. Everything works good. Thanks for All

And what is the difference between the version you downloaded and the version you used first?

Tim, no, this message appeared on my Core 2 Duo laptop, too. It disappeared with 6.3 SP3, which by default has NOT the SMP kernel enabled. Of course I later used the SMP boot image that comes with Neutrino and it works like a charm, but that’s a different topic. :slight_smile:


Ah, when I did my tests, it was a few months ago under 6.3 SP2. That’s why I had to fiddle around to get QNX to boot/install on the dual XEON.

It’s good to know the problem goes away on SP3 so if I go back to using that machine it should install right away.