configure an ethernet at 10Mbps only.

I´d like to configure an ethernet interface only at 10mbps, how can i do this? Someone can help me.


So you basically want to force the inerface to run at 10mbit. Is this correct?

You can do this by starting io-net manually. ie.

io-net -di82544 speed=10,duplex=1 -ptcpip

2 things to note:

  1. If you specify the speed option, you also have to specify the duplex option.

  2. You need to manually specify which ethernet driver to use based on your card (in my case I use the i82544 driver.

You can get more information by looking up io-net in the helpviewer then clicking on any of the drivers for the supported cards.


It is also possible to force cards to use 10mbit by using a degraded cable. TX100 needs all 8 wires, but there is a configuration with less that will run 10baseT. I don’t know it off hand, but I’m sure you can google it.

Yes, You’re not sure :slight_smile:.

The most popular 100 Mbit/s ethernet is 100BASE-TX
and it uses only two-pair cable (4 wires).
/100BASE-T2 also is 100 Mbit/s over two-pair cable.

100BASE-T4 is 100 Mbit/s over four-pair cable,
but I’ve never seen that type of ethernet.

I’ve got gigabit ethernet at home (small network)
and it requires all four pairs (8 wires) and good cable (cat 5e or better 6) :slight_smile:.
/it’s 1000BASE-T (?)

Thank you for your help! The hardware posibility is not posible but i´ve the answer in the software side. But i´ve a new problem! I used the speedo driver with io-net and it change the speed correctly. But when i try to do this automatically… the error rise over me.

I´ve try to do that in the file /etc/system/enum/include/net, and write the next:


set (IONET_CMD, io-net -d speedo speed=10, debug=0 -p tcpip)

When i init the system i can see the next error:

mount: Can´t mount / (type io-net)
mount: possible reason: operation in progress

I think that other script could init the io-net before file net execute it. Someone can help me??

Thank you for all!! Alejandro.