QNX4 Installation to the Slave HD

Is it possible to install QNX4 to the Slave EIDE Hard Disk from
the Master EIDE CD drive by QNX4 installation CD?

After full complete installation process during boot from HD I receive recycled messages

Press ESC to boot … Press ESC to boot … Press ESC to boot …

or another time boot process freeze at this message.

If I recoonect EIDE Hard disk as Master and CD-drive as Slave - instllation
finished without problems, and QNX4 booting & working from HD Ok.

If I make a copy from Master HD to Slave HD ( cp /dev/hd0 /dev/hd1 ) and try to work
by Slave HD ( first configuration )- QNX4 booting & working Ok
from Slave HD too…

Thank you.

You can create a boot file for QNX 4 that once loaded will access the slave drive.
The problem getting a boot loader to load from the slave. I don’t think the
QNX loader will do this. There are other loaders that probably will, for example

Message “Press ESC to boot …” is from secondary qnx4 loader, which write by dinit utility during installation process.

The whole situation is rather complex and depends on a lot of variables, mainly BIOS features/capability and type of Fsys driver, HD size, CD type, etc.

To keep it simple stick to the rule that you should only boot from the primary master. It’s possible to boot from secondary but once you get a working solution ,change of thing and it could all fall apart.