Using QNX boot loader to load XP


I have installed XP first and then QNX 6.3. I chose to use QNX bootloader during installation of QNX. Now I can boot into QNX without user intervention or during the boot I can select the disk to boot from and thus I can boot Win XP by selecting the right option.

But I need help on auto booting Win XP as default and if I want to boot QNX, I will do so from Windows bootloader. If there an equivalent of windows boot.ini for QNX? I tried restoring windows boot loader by using the fdisk /mbr command from a Winwdows boot disk and I managed to kill the QNX loader and without installing the Windows loader. Had to reinstall QNX loader from the CD!

NOTE: Now the first Boot loader that is run is the QNX loader.

Any ideas or help is deeply appreciated.



Using fdisk, change XP to be the active partition.

The first versions of QNX 6 worked this way, so it is probably possible.
They were using a file in the DOS system as a QNX partition.
That’s all the help I can give on this. I think this is doing it the
hard way, although catching that QNX boot prompt can be tricky.
There are commercial boot loaders that are more friendly.

well I forgot to mention something, the main reason I got myself into this mess. I had installed XP first, followed by Linux. I was using GRUB that came with Linux for dual booting XP and Linux. Then I decided to overwrite Linux with QNX and hence I had to remove the GRUB. There was one solution to my problem that was mentioned my Bob Krten in his web site. It was equivalent to Winhexing the hard disk directly. Pretty scary stuff for me!

Boot into QNX6 then run fdisk and select the windows partition as the boot partition.

Thanks for the suggestions. fdisk did the trick. But please note that fdisk can be run only when you boot and run QNX from the install CD. If you boot QNX from hard disk, fdisk is not available. I still have to figure out how to reduce the time before the QNX loader choose the default partition to boot.

I believe you will find fdisk in either /sbin or /usr/sbin. If you don’t want to wait during the boot process, maybe you want to use a different loader. You could shorten the delay, but that would remove its function, to give you enough time to choose another partition.