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:laughing: Hello all :!! I am bootx ( stephan) happy to be with you in this great forum.
I living in Paris (France) and today I want test qnx system.
My first question for the great qnx team :smiley:
Can I install qnx by disquette boot and/or ftp ?
Qnx can work on disquette ?

Thanks for you’re support !!


Bonjour Stephane,

I know of no setup to install QNX by floppy, nor by ftp. Only easy way is by CD any other method can be VERY complicated.

You can make a very stripped down version of QNX to boot/work from floppy but it will be rather useless since there isn’t enough space on a floppy to put anything useful.

With a QNX system installed on a PC, you of course can create all what is necessary to boot the system from a floppy disk (why would you want to do that?) or from a network. But you need to work into boot images, build files and dependencies of components (that even QNX’ own System Builder doesn’t know) to succeed.