QNX support to USB Mass Storage Devices

Hello All,

We are planning to buy an RTOS for our new project.The RTOS should support different types of files on a USB Mass Storage Device .I have a few questions.

1)How QNX support USB Mass Storage Devices? I mean " do i need to write a new driver or can i use the existing driver supplied by the usb customer?
2)How QNX file system will support USB Mass Storage Devices? Can FAT File System be used on USB Mass Storage Devices?
3)Does QNX come with inbuilt bootloader ?

I’m a newcomer.kindly help me…

Planet mirchi,

Qnx does support most of the USB devices, it also supports file systems on the usb device, however it might be good to check with qnx if they support the USB mass storage device you trying to connect to qnx.
What do you mean by bootloader ?, the boot file or ?

  1. if the USB mass storage complies with the USB standard then yes it will work. Otherwise someone needs to write/provide a custom driver.
  2. Yes FAT is supported.
  3. Yes