Cannot install QNX 6.3.x on SBS CL9

I cannot install QNX 6.3.0 on SBS CL9 - industrial computer from SBS Technologies.
/it has a few CompactPCI, TEWS Technologies cards.

Installator hangs at start and pressing any key has no effect :frowning:.

How to install QNX 6 on SBS CL9 ?

How it’s hangs, in what step while start…???

I was trying to disable most devices in bios,
change ide mode to pata, etc…
with no effect :frowning:.

Installation (or QNX alredy installed on SATA HDD)
hangs on the very start:

“Hit Esc for. altboot…” [and now it stops booting]

I was have similar problem on my notebook, but when I install OS in another computer and connect this disk to notebook all work OK!
I’m think that you problem with SATA: try install OS on another computer an apply all SP1-SP3 maybe you problem will be solved.

I tryied this - also with no effect :frowning:.
I’ve got SATA HDD with installed QNX 6.3 SP2 Core 6.3.2
and it hangs at the very start (like QNX instalator).

…but just know I’ve received email and I’ll write if it helps :slight_smile:

How to get QNX 6.3 running on a x86 board without keyboard controller, e.g. on the CL9?

  1. Install Neutrino onto a IDE hard drive using a PC or another board.

  2. On the hard drive, copy the file /.boot to /.altboot. This will allow you to recover and boot the hard drive into the full QNX environment after we have installed our small custom image.

  3. Copy the attached* image over the file /.boot.

  4. Connect the hard drive to the CL9 and boot. If it boots OK you should see a welcome message and the command line prompt.

If this is OK we know that the board will run QNX. The next stage is to develop the image to add networking (particularly telnet), graphics, audio support, etc.

  • Below is described how to create that image by ones own:
    Below the Build-File for the minimal ONX boot image.

to build the ifs file proceed as following:

mkifs //name_and_path_of_build_file //name_and_path_of_ifs_file

GENERATED FILE - QNX System Builder Export

Image Type: ifs

Image Sub-type:

[virtual=x86,bios_nokbd] .bootstrap = {
C:/QNX630/target/qnx6/x86/boot/sys/startup-bios -v
PATH=/proc/boot:/bin:/usr/bin LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/proc/boot:/lib:/usr/lib C:/QNX630/target/qnx6/x86/boot/sys/procnto -v
[+script] .script = {
display_msg min image booted - Welcome to QNX Neutrino on the SBS CL9

display_msg Startup some Consoles

Start up some consoles

devc-con -n1 &
reopen /dev/con1

Start the main shell

[+session] ksh}
[dperms=0777 uid=0 gid=0]
[gid=0 uid=0 perms=777 data=uip code=uip] /proc/boot/ = C:\QNX630\target\qnx6\x86\lib\
[type=link] /usr/lib/ = /proc/boot/
[gid=0 uid=0 perms=777 data=copy code=uip] /proc/boot/devc-con = C:\QNX630\target\qnx6\x86\sbin\devc-con
[gid=0 uid=0 perms=777 data=copy code=uip] /proc/boot/ksh = C:\QNX630\target\qnx6\x86\bin\ksh
[gid=0 uid=0 perms=777 data=copy code=uip] /bin/ls = C:\QNX630\target\qnx6\x86\bin\ls
[gid=0 uid=0 perms=777 data=copy code=uip] /proc/boot/pci = C:\QNX630\target\qnx6\x86\usr\sbin\pci

I still cannot install or (run installed) QNX 6.3.x on SBS CL9 computer :frowning:.

Is there anybody who gets through similar problem ?

I have exactly the same problem: can’t load or install QNX 6.3 to SBS CL9.
I’m a newcomer in QNX and it’s still don’t clear to me how to resolve this problem. How to grasp the cause of that problem?
Should i build new image?

Yes, I’ve installed QNX on SBS CL9 finally
and I’m sorry that I didn’t give the answer on QNX Forum.

To install QNX on SBS CL9 you should:

  • get boot CD QNX 6.3 SP3;
    you can install QNX 6.3 SP2, but in SP3
    there is no problem with USB/hid devices (kbd, mouse, …)
    (and in SP2 you have to install USB manually);

  • in “” file change the line:
    [virtual=x86,bios +compress] boot = {
    [virtual=x86,bios_nokbd +compress] boot = {

  • than replace the original /.boot file
    with modified, build from modified “”;

  • to change usb keyboard delay/repeat use:
    with desired parameters;

If you don’t know how to buil your own boot CD
you have to install QNX 6.3 SP3 (and Core 6.3.2)
on standard computer (with PS/2 controller)
and than make and replace /.boot file
and than run SBS CL9 from that alredy installed version.

Some people told me that Inova computers
works better (than SBS) with QNX
and is cheaper than SBS: