CppUnit for QNX

Please let me know any CppUnit framework which runs fine on QNX. The UnixCppUnit gives error unknown symbol while running on QNX and genarates SIGABRT signal while running on Linux. the problems with the CppUnit-1.12.0 are as follows. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Tasks that have been tried out during the course of making CppUnit Work on QNX Neutrino.

  1. The default example (\cppunit-1.12.0\examples\simple) in CppUnit-1.12.0 failed to run in QNX Terminal and IDE (In both GCC 2.95.3 and 3.3.5 Versions). Compilation is possible.

Result : Runtime Error - ExampleTestCase::exampleAbort(CoreDumped).

On Debugging (Using gdb) : Program received signal SIGABRT,Aborted. Signalkill() From /usr/qnx630/target/qnx6/x86/lib/libc.so.2. after the calling function : runner.run( controller ); in main().

On further debugging commenting of all ASSERT Macros in Example Testcase.cpp removed the core dumping but unit testing could not be done as required (because of commenting ASSERT macros.)

  1. Implimented CPPUNIT-1.12.0 on Linux GCC 2.95.3 and got the same result as in QNX (ExampleTestCase::exampleAbort(Core Dumped) but gave the desired output on GCC 3.3.2.

  2. Installed CYGWIN and implemented CppUnit-1.12.0 on Cygwin. CPPUNIT-1.12.0 gave correct output in Cygwin (gcc version 2.95.3).

Source of CppUnit-1.12.0 :
downloads.sourceforge.net/cppuni … g_mirror=0

If anyone knows any CppUnit which works fine on QNX please help me out.

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cxxTest which is “CppUnit like” compiles ok on QNX, although its a little cumbersome. you have to generate the runner.cpp file using a script and then, compile that using the cxxTest code, and QCC, but it does work

Thanks a lot for the input. I tried it out but then I’m not able to compile it. Could you elaborate on how to generate the runner.cpp file using a script and compile that using the cxxTest code. Thanking you in advance.

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