Can't get focus for qnx windows within photon

Hi All,

I’m running QNX 4.25 and Photon. I’m launching a QNX Windows app via qwinph. The app launches successfully within Photon, however I cannot get focus or interaction with the app.

I start the app and the gr.phi driver from within sysinit and then I do a ‘on -t /dev/ttyp0 login -p -f xxx’ to login the app user. Within the ‘xxx’ users profile I launch ‘qwinph -X’. The app launches however I cannot work with it. It seems that the video hangs because if I open a pterm over the qnx windows app I get absolutely no refresh of the video.

Any pointers?


Never mind… I figured it out. I know when I don’t get an answer that I’ve asked a question that just requires some good ole leg work…