rtl8139 NIC and QNX 6.0


I have installed QNX 6.0 on my PC so I can do some development for the 3com Audrey (runs QNX 6.0), and I can not get my rtl8139-based D-Link NIC to be recognized. It is the oldest NIC I have, and the documentation says it is supported, but I can not get it to detect:

“pci -v” reports it present
“nicinfo” can not open /dev/io-net/en0
“slay io-net;io-net -drtl -ptcpip” is unable to init dll devn-rtl: No such device

Under Linux and Windoze it is recognized and initialized, but no luck under QNX.

Does anyone know what I should try?




please check in /etc/system/enum/devices/net if the 8139 is included as device.
That’s the entry in net on my 6.3 machine:

device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_REALTEK), dev=8139) # RTL 8139
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_ACCTON), dev=1211) # SMC 1211
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_DLINK), dev=1300) # D-Link DFE530TX+
append(legacy, “,nonet”)
waitfor (/dev/io-net)
uniq(netnum, devn-en, 0)
mount(-Tio-net “-opci=$(index),vid=0x$(ven),did=0x$(dev)” /lib/dll/devn-rtl.so, “/dev/io-net/en$(netnum)”)


Armin Steinhoff


Thank you very much for the tip.

My QNX 6.0 /etc/…/net is a little different, and after checking it against the output of
my pci -v I realized that my 8139 based card is the exact D-Link card that has a “device”
line in your net file (it wasn’t in mine). It reports as a D-Link dev=1300 instead of a
Realtek dev=8139. So I added the appropriate device line (even hard-coding ven=1186)
but I still get no joy.

I am a newbie to QNX, but have been running Linux for over a decade and am used to
being able to debug almost anything. I am very unfamiliar with QNX’s boot and
hardware initialization process. I am also having a relatively hard time finding docs that
outline what happens at boot. For instance, I don’t know what script is accessing the
/etc/…/net file that you pointed me to, and therefore don’t know what has been defined/
executed before it and what will happen afterwards. Can you please point me to where
I can find this kind of documentation?

And of course, if you have any other recommendations on this specific problem I would
love to hear them as well!

Thank You!