Creating Partitions

Hi. I need to create a partition on Diskonchip in order to install an Neutrino Image using a consola through a serial port on a PC104 but when I try running the command fdisk /dev/hd0 got the following error:
Error opening Terminal: qnxm
What can I do to solve this ? Thanks a lot.

Looks like fdisk is ncurses based. you will need to copy /usr/lib/terminfo and/or /etc/termcap over to the target.
do a “use fdisk”, it may be possible to create a partition without actually going into the curses “menu”.

Yeah, you can drive fdisk fully on the command line. Check it’s use message.

Hi. I have the same kind of situation (QNX on a Diskonchip) except that we use QNX 4.25 Patch G. So the fdisk does not include the “non-interactive” delete command.

Also, I’m researching a way to do the equivalent of “fdisk /dev/tffs0 add -c 1,193 -s 4 -t 77”, unfortunately QNX4.25G’s fdisk doesn’t support the “-c” option.

Any recommandations ?