I m porting code for a device driver in QNX from linux systems. I want to use the devctl approach. 
  1. Can somebody give me an idea what are the io commands that would be required
  2. If there are multiple devices, is it a good pratice to register all the devices under one name in resource manager or register them differently.

I m new to embedded programming and as well as qnx. Could someone help me with these issues.


By the “devctl” approach you mean that you only want the user to open/close/devctl the device?
What do you mean by “what are the io commands”? If you only need to support open/close/devctl, then your job should be pretty simple with respect to the QNX structure. Open and close are handled by the default resmgr routines fairly well. You might need to modify the default if you have some requirements, such as “only one open at a time”.

While it is a little more complicated, if you have a significant number of devices, it is better practice to register them under just one name.