Where can I find the developping tool?

I down load qnx 6.3.0 sp3, But after I install it onto my harddisk , I can not find the developping tool? How can I program ?
Thanks a lot!

Unless you specified that you didn’t want to install the tools, they should be there. Unless you installed from a run-time CD.

What are you expecting to see, when you say “can not find” what exactly are you looking for.

When you download from the eval page, it asks you two things:

  1. which host for your development system?
    This is for the tools, and when you develop under Windows, you should have downloaded Momentics for Windows and installed it.
  2. which target are you using?
    If you have x86, you have downloaded Neutrino CD image (which includes Momentics for Neutrino). If not x86, you should have selected a Board Support Package.

So, when you say “QNX 6.3.0 SP3” it’s not clear what you mean. QNX is the name of the company. Their tools are called QNX Momentics and their OS is called QNX Neutrino. So, did you download Momentics? Then you miss the OS. You downloaded Neutrino? Then you possibly miss the tools - go to the download page and download them.

Thanks a lot! I download QNX Momentics ! I will try it again!