Need Help regarding copying disk in QNX

hi all,
i have a problem in copying the contents of the flash disk to new one need help.
let me clear,

i have a IDE Flash disk of 64mb and want to copy this contenes in to a new flash disk of the same size.
i connected the flash disk as slave and cud mount the disk to the computer but failed copying the content.
being a beginner to QNX i tried all the possible ways i cud think of but failed .
need help from u senior ppl out thr.
its urgent

Well assuming you have the devices properly mounted, there are two options.

  1. cp /dev/hdX /dev/hdY
  2. Mount file systems, dinit the new one, and use cp -Rp

@ maschoen

thanks for the reply
the second point is not clear can u please explain.

I regret a minor error in my first reply regarding 2).
You can mount the file system on the original disk immediately.
To mount the file system on the second disk, you must first
dinit it. You can find out the details by reviewing the
documentation for dinit and mount.

thanks a lot maschoen