momentics installation issue

has anyone run into this problem?
I recently uninstalled my momentics in windows host and now can’t reinstall it because the installer is complaining that I still have previous version of momentics 6.3.

what is the work around for this? I deleted all the qnx momentics related directories and went into regedit to find and deleted any QNX related data in the registry.

Thanks in advance for your help

Sometimes the uninstaller leaves some stuff behind. Here’s what the installation notes say to do:

  1. Delete any QNX_* environment variables.
  2. Remove the C:\program files\QNX Software System directory.
  3. Remove C:\windows\
  4. Reboot your machine.

We’re working on a program that will clean up this stuff for you.

I cannot install QNX 6.3 with SP3 after uninstalling QNX 6.3 and SP2 (win32).

Installation starts and than I’v got info: cannot locate uninstaller,
and installation quits.

try the above method, it worked for me

Thanks for the hint with the file.

Finally I could reinstall SP3…