Final Project

Hi qnx fans!!!
I’ve studied computing engeneering and I’m doing my final project to graduate. It’s about QNX. I have developed all the theory, but i need an example program, something that could show the advantages and benefits of using a real time plataform. The idea is to develop a simple program. I need some ideas, any suggestion would be great for me.

Thanks a lot!!!
Juan Pablo

Create a program that sets up a timer that fire every 1ms. Then upon reception of the event measure the precision at which that event is received. Then tried the same thing under windows and compare the results. IRun the test under various condition like scanning hard drive, moving windows around, etc. I’m leaving up all the fun details to you.

There is also interrupt latencies that are worth mesuring.

Thanks mario, really thanks!!! thats a good idea.
The orginial idea is to create a program that creates some process with diferents priorities, and then monitor them and show how the schedule works with all those process. Maybe both programs would be ok for the presentation… thaks again.

Although priorities are helpful to implement real-time. Priorities don’t equal real time… Windows has priority and isn’t real-time. In fact real-time is a vague concept. Goes from soft realtime to hard realtime.