QNX Raid 1 with ide


I’m thinking of setting up a raid 1 for a qnx system using parallel ATA drives, but I have no idea what to do :frowning:

Has anyone here done anything similar? is this setup even possible for qnx??

Thanks in advance

It’s only possible with high end RAID card that will look like an normal IDE/SATA or SCSI driver. There is no raid driver for QNX it has to be all handle by the hardware and totaly transparent.

With QNX4 there is a RAID like program but I don’t know if its still being sold. I was probably never ported to QNX6 because of difficulty in seeling and promoting QNX 3rd party software.

Well I guess that scraps that idea…

There are IDE controllers that will do this for you invisible to QNX. I recall that Promis makes them.
They are hardware transparent, you plug in 2 or even 4 hard drives, and the hardware presents an
IDE interface. I don’t know how you deal with a failure after it occurs, because there’s no QNX software
to detect this. I think you just have a BIOS interface to fix things.

We use accusysusa.com products, they are now only SATA, but if needed you can connect to it with PATA/SATA converter.

We use Inneraid 75170, there are some things to resolve with them, but they are “more or less” working…