qnx back up

Hi all,

I’m such a noob at qnx, how does one backup a qnx system?

I want to back up everything to another hdd so that in case the first one dies I can just plug the backup in and use that.

comments welcome.

You can either do an image backup, or backup the files. The cp command will do both.
If you want to create a backup archive, you might want to look at the pax and/or tar utilities to create
the archive, and then gzip and/or freeze to compress it. For your request above, an image backup
would probably be best, but you need to make sure your backup hard drive is larger or equal in size.

cp /dev/hd0 /dev/hd1

I think the dd command will also do this.

The directory you are trying to back up convert into a tar ball using this command:

#tar zvscpf <tarballname.tar.gz>
tarballname.tar.gz - the tar ball you want to create
dirname - name of the directory

To extract the content at any time from the tar ball use the following command:

#tar xvzf <tarballname.tar.gz>

We seem to answer this question a lot.

See my long-ish answer towards the end of this thread:

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thanks for the reply guys. I’m going to try those commands and see.

I tried using dd, but that crashes. The system just doesn’t respond after a few hours.

The good thing is that disk boots and qnx seems to work. So I’m just wondering what didn’t get coppied over since dd crashed.

Does anyone know how I can take some sort of md5 checksum for the HDD like in linux ?