Since I’m using a QNX4.25, I post my question also in this part of the forum…maybe someone had this problem:

"Hallo everybody of this community!!

I’m a real new user of QNX and open OS, so I really know few about…everithing.

But now I have to install an experimental set up which use QNX4.25

This system was perfectly operating in my lab in Munich, but now I’ve some problems with the subnetmask.

the problem is that the network administrator here gave me a class C IP address (195.xx.xx.xx), use a 0xfffffe00 subnet mask.

It seems to me that, when I use as IP address a C class IP, the system automatically set the subnet mask to 0xffffff00: in this way things doesn’t work,since it the network part of gateway and IPaddress are different, and I receive the error message “network unreachable” during the booting.
i can ping the machine within the network, but I can’t access the gateway to go out.

This problem is not related to the protocol used in this lab (they use dhcp), since I’ve the problem even when the cable is unplugged.

Any suggestion?

If you need more info,please ask, I’ll try to be more precise.

THank you for the help!"


Methinks, you are using the Socket v4.25D. It is known to be stubborn about netmasks.

I would strongly suggest to upgrade to Tcpip v5.0A - it allows the supernetting you need, it is far, FAR more stable than the v4.25D.