Which function can get keyboard scancode in qnx lib?

Advance thacnk.

Looking for devi-hirun driver with -r -P options.

But devi-hirun is for Photon and my target running on terminal mode.
Can devi-hirun used in terminal mode?
Do you know which function can use in terminal mode??
Another question:
devi-hirun only is a input driver,how do I use it?

yes, you can run devi-hirun without Photon, that’s what -P -r means (no Photon, resource manager). This is exactly what I used for XFree86 under QNX for mouse event (Browse the archives at openqnx.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f14-.html for more discussions), and you can certainly do the same for the keyboard events.

as for how to use it. check the Input DDK for examples, and the header file <sys/dcmd_input.h> may be helpful too.

Thanks a lot!