what happens when you run out of qnx4 tcp/ip node-licenses?

we’ve got a qx4 network of about 10 nodes, three of them also act as mail & web servers

I’ve just realised that we’ve only got 2 tcp/ip runtime licenses, my question is: what happens when the number of nodes using tcp/ip exceeds the number of licenses ?

(technical rather than legal implications!)

We will of course get a license to cover the extra node

As far as I know it’s mostly working ok but there are intermittent problems with email on all 3 servers - I’m wondering if this may be to blame?

i think it depends on how it is configured, do you really have 10 separate ip addresses one for each node?

You can see how many licenses are in use with the licinfo command, the tcprt entry is your runtime licenses available for tcp

by the way if you dont have your NODE environment variable set then all TCPIP traffic will go through one of your nodes, with the FLEET network acting as a bridge. Are they all together on a FLEET network?

I believe if you run out of licenses you will get a “No license” message when you try to execute (not sure with TCPIP never reached the limit to know that) i dont think you would see intermittant problems. Which version TCPIP are you using ?

also what network card, network card driver are you running, some are more buggy than others…

10 qnx nodes on a fleet network

3 of them have a second rtl8319 network card and their own ip addresses
Net.rtl 4.25C Socket 4.25C

licinfo says “tcprt 3/2 1 4 6”

1 4 & 6 are the qnx node numbers

3/2 presumably means I’m using 3 out of 2 licenses ?

We’ve never had any error messages that we know of, sometimes when it’s busy (lots of email) socket 25 (smtp) falls over - I’m wondering if this has been a problem for a while…

yeah 1, 4, 6 are the node numbers, you’d also be right about using 3 out of 2 licenses… which sounds a bit strange…

it could be that the license is only used when the socket is created which could explain the fall overs you are seeing.

Definitely worth getting that 3rd license to match your 3rd host I would say. Contact your local QNX rep. I think a TCPIP runtime license is about the 200$ mark.

(There is also an update to TCPIP 5.0 on www.qnx.com) Home > Download Center > Products & Updates > QNX 4 > TCPIP 5.0