Screen Dump

Hi guys

i am dealing with a QNX system. i need to dump screens captures. i dont have photon. i read through the topics but i cant find anything usefull to me.

please help…

i tried to hit the print screen key and paste into the clipboard but ctrl v doesnt work !!!

What version of QNX are you using, 2,4, or 6? The answer is very different for each.

hi maschoen

it is QNX 4.25

You want to check out the console_*() routines. From another console, you could run a program using these routines that will grab the text data, and do anything you like with it. These routines are the basis of the ditto (not phditto) program.

hi maschoen

thank u for your reply. i am after screen images. can i do this with shell? i am very new to QNX.

can u explain to me how can i capture an image and save it as a JPEG or Bitmap?

In your first post, you say that you do not have Photon. If you do not have Photon, then why would you want a JPEG or Bitmap?
If you do have Photon, there is a utility (snapshot I believe) that will do this. You can get the text from a console from a shell.
Normally you want to grab the data from a shell different from the one you are running on, otherwise you have an extra line with your program running. The console_*() interface is available to write a program, but I don’t know of an existing program that will just grab a screen. It is a very easy program to write however.

Yes you are right. but i am only interested in capturing images. Is PHOTON the only way to capture images?

if yes? then i have to install it. how easy is it to install?

We are having some kind of communication problem here, because your reply doesn’t make sense.
If you are not using Photon, where is the image you wish to capture? Photon is the graphical add on
to QNX that would allow the display of an image on the screen. Without it, there are no graphic images.
Instead you have text consoles. In case Mario is watching, this is not 100% true, only 99, but I don’t think
you are talking about using the long ago deprecated Watcom graphics routines.

If you are using Photon, why would ask “Is PHOTON the only way to capture images?”.

Photon was an extra for QNX 4 so you have to purchase it. It is fairly easy to install assuming there is support
for the video card, and mouse you are using.

hi maschoen

i have an application running on QNX called “RealFlex”. This is an industrial package provided for operators in a milk factory. so they can click on pumps and valves. i need to capture these screens.

is there anyway of downloading Photon?

I think that RealFlex uses QNXWindows… atleast the earlier versions did, there is a problem called “freezeit” that can take snapshots of screen areas… Confirm for me first that you are using QNXWindows, and I can probably post freezeit as it was a free extra.

IF it’s QNXWindows then there is a product call FreezeIt. Don’t know if it sold anymore. The only reference I could find was:

hi guys thank u all for your replies.

where can i check if it is QNXWindows??

If you have a graphics screen in front of you, and it’s not Photon, it is very very likely that it is QNX Windows.

alright. then it is definitely QNX Windows.

can u plz give me “FreezeIt” and explain to me how to install it?

Hmm looking at Marios post freezeit was something that was bought in sometime… in which case I wont be able to give it to you :frowning:

To see if you are running QNX Windows use “sin ver” Does it say QWindows Qlib anywhere?

where is maschoen???

where can i get can FreezeIt?

hi gubbe

i tried the command u gave me. it does NOT say “QWindows Qlib” anywhere?