Booting Diskless PC

We are moving over from QNX 4 to 6.21 and have decided that instead of using 3com bootroms to boot out diskless equipment, to use Single Board Computers to reduce boards in the boxes.
Now heres the problem part…
The SBC does not have a net bootrom, we have used a qnx floppy boot disk and an image so that it boots locally, obtaining everything of the network via qnet, then starts the tcp-ip services. That works.
We want to try and use the SBCs DiskOnChip use loadqnx.sys and the image to start QNX that way.
We cannot find loadqnx.sys … We have 6.21 standard and Non-Commercial, installed it a few times on different machines but to no avail.
Where can we obtain this elusive sys file?
You can email us directly.

Managed to find the RTP from another source, providing me with the file, obviously the NC has changed.

Yes - we no longer support the config.sys method of booting as it does not work with NT4, Win2K or WinXP.