Native, Windows, Linux ... where g++ is compiling faster ???

I have noticed, that the same projects are compiling (g++ 3.3.5) many times longer on qnx native system(qnx630 sp3) than on linux suse 10.2 (with gnu compilers (in my case 4.1 or something), not the qnx patched). Processor speed and disks speed and amount of memory are more or less comparable on both systems.

Anyone noticed c++ compilation speed difference with qnx patched compilers installed in different environments (linux, windows, native) ???

I think I’ve noticed this too. This sounds strange but there may be some reasonable explaination. Until QNX 6, no QNX system supported any kind of paging. In general QNX 6 program are all loaded into ram and run there. However when QNX 6 first came out, the amount of ram needed to run the GNU compiler was a large percentage of it. For this reason, QSSL put in some kind of paging, just for this application. I don’t know the details, but I believe that the program itself had to request this support. It may be that this paging support is not very good, and that might explain the slowness. This is just a wild guess.