Photon and phfont problems

I need to code a simple script which only run Photon in a CFC.

What libraries and executables I need?

I have an error when I run the script in rc.local:

Inicializacion de aplicaciones

echo Inicializacion de servicios de red
inetd &

echo Depuracion IDE
qconn &

echo Librerias PATH

export HOME=/home
export PHOTON_PATH=/phembed
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/phembed/lib:/lib:/lib/dll/font
export PATH=$PATH:/phembed/bin

echo Starting Photon
##Photon &
##waitfor /dev/photon 10
Photon &
echo Starting Input
devi-hid mouse kbd &
echo Starting Graphics
io-graphics -di810 -v=0x8086 -pphoton hwcursor &

echo Starting Fonts
fontsleuth -d /phembed/font_repository

phfont -d /phembed/font_repository

I have the followin errors in sloginfo:

phfontXX started OK
No render engines loade, io-font
Unable to launch Photon Font Server main.
Unable to open font DLL
Process fontsleuth initilized.

Thanks a lot.

There is a section in the manual about embedding photon.

I am guessing this is QNX 6.3.0 or some derivation of it. Here are a few things:

  • Don’t start Photon or io-graphics with an “&”. They whille put themselves in the background when registered so you should not need a waitfor.
  • If you run io-graphics before a font manager it will load a dll for the fonts and you don’t need phfont, the dll is called This DLL must be in your CS_LIBPATH (use setconf for this).
  • Also I would not run fontsleuth, it is usally there so you can drop fonts in on the fly which you probably won’t do.
  • As far as the libs for the font’s go check out the above doc, but I bet it is the


Thank you, the problem was that I have to define my libraries in CS_LIBPATH with setconf like you said.

Thanx. :slight_smile: